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  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Dubbing by a professional voice talent in the language(s) selected

Translation and voice recording

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Professional video dubbing and sound mixing

Make your videos accessible in any language! Send us your video, tell us the language(s) you need, and we'll handle translation and voice recording by professional talent.

What you send

Send us the link to your video and the language(s) you'd like it to be dubbed in. You will also be able to let us know if you'd like extra services like sound mixing plus, give us details about the voice(s) you have in mind.

What you get

You get your video dubbed in the requested language(s) by a professional voice actor. Turnaround time varies from project to project, but we usually complete projects in just a few days (sound mixing takes a little longer). Read on to get more details on the process.

How it works

Before getting a quote, find out if dubbing is right for your video.

How sound mixing works


What is sound mixing?

This is the process of mixing the voice recordings, music, effects and matching them to your video. We also make sure that audio levels are consistent and properly synchronized. If you choose this option, we will create a fully mixed dub track, combine it with your video, and send it to you ready to go. If you do not choose this option, you will receive just the voice recording tracks (one voice per track synchronized to your video), and you mix these tracks and add it to the video yourself.

Do I need sound mixing?

If your video contains multiple voice overs, sound effects and/or music, they need to be combined into a single audio track and synced to your video for playback. If you do not want to handle this step in the process yourself, let us do the sound mixing for you. A professional sound engineer will mix, edit, synchronize, and master your video ready for upload. Please note that there is an extra charge for this service, and sound mixing cannot begin until you provide final approval for all voice records.

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How pricing works

Pricing depends on the services required and the length of your video. We will send a quote for your project after you submit the form.

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Dubbing by a professional voice talent in the language(s) selected
  • Professional sound mixing

Translation, voice recording and sound mixing

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Download a sample package

It includes the original video, transcripts, translations, audio & dubbed video.

Frequently asked questions

What is DubbingBunny?

DubbingBunny is a fulfillment service for professional voice overs. We specialize in high quality, fast turnaround voice overs from professional talent all over the world.

You will be able to listen to samples from our voice actors and choose your favorites! You can also run a Casting Call and get auditions before you choose.

How do i choose voices for my videos?

What if I need a revision?

No problem! You are involved every step of the way. You will be asked to approve the transcription, translation, and voice overs. We won't stop until you are 100% satisfied. Revisions to the voice overs are free as long as the scope of the project doesn't change.

What if the process from start to finish?

  1. You fill out the form with a link to your video and your requirements.
  2. We send you a personalized quote for your approval.
  3. After approving the quote, we will get your video transcribed.
  4. We send the transcription for your approval.
  5. Once the transcription is approved, we get it translated.
  6. We send the translated script for your approval.
  7. Once you approve the translation, we will run a casting call to get auditions.
  8. You listen to your auditions and choose your favorite voice.
  9. The selected talent records your voice over and is sent for your approval.
  10. You may request revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the voice over.
  11. If you chose the sound mixing option, all revisions to the voice over must be completed first.
  12. If you chose the sound mixing option, we send the video dubbed, mixed, edited, mastered, and ready for air!

How long will this process take?

It really depends on the length of your video, how many voices are needed, and if you choose the sound mixing option. We will include a time estimate along with our price quote once you fill out the form here. For shorter videos, without sound mixing, we can usually deliver in about 72 hours.

Send your video

Send us the link to your video, the language of the video, the language you'd like it dubbed to, wether you require sound mixing, and any additional materials and comments. You can submit all this information via our online form. Then we'll send you a price quote.

Approve the translation

Once you approve our price quote, we transcribe your video into the original language and then translate it into the target language(s). The transcription and translation are yours to keep, and it can be used for future dubs or subtitles.

Choose the perfect voice

You get to cast the voice actors! We'll send you several auditions of voice actors we think are right for your video, and you select your favorite one for each character. Once you've cast the voice talent(s), they will record their parts synced to your video. We'll screen it for quality and send you the audio file(s) for your approval (you will receive one file per voice). Then, you can mix the final voice track(s) with your original music and effects to create the final, fully mixed audio recording in your new language! Don't wanna mix it yourself? Let our professional sound engineers do it for you.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our production team is available to help every step of the way. If you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We love making folks happy!

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you!

100%satisfaction guarantee!
  • You are included in each step of the process, from initial price quotes to approving the transcriptions.
  • We have a dedicated production team, offer unlimited revisions and 100% money back guarantee.
  • Need sound mixing? We do that too.
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